"Our firm focuses on delivering the most efficient and individualized plan of action to restore you and your family when faced with legal obstacles, such as criminal arrests and personal injury."


Upon arrest in Northeastern North Carolina, your first priority should be to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney you can trust. Blemishes on your criminal record can leave you jobless and/or without a driver’s license. At our firm, my team treats every client to their specific individual needs. These perks include a post arrest action plan, appearing on behalf of the client in court (when possible), home consultations, and much more.

NC DWI is downright confusing and the punishment is brutal. Whether it’s a trial, plea, or limited driving privilege, you’ll need a knowledgeable attorney to give you the best shot of maintaining your driving privilege. A DWI conviction can cost thousands in court fines and insurance hikes. Don’t go at it alone, call me.

If you are a student at Elizabeth City State University, College of the Albemarle, or Mid-Atlantic Christian University, a criminal conviction could ruin everything you’ve been working for and possibly terminate your financial assistance. College is a time for fun but sometimes things get out of hand. Our firm takes great pride in defending college students who have it “all” riding on the line.

Contrary to popular belief, all criminal defense attorney are not created equal. Choose wisely. Call me for a free consultation and I’ll go over and beyond to get the best results possible for you every time.

Recent Cases


- Perquimans Native charged with more than 10 Counts of Felony Forgery was reduced to 5 Misdemeanors with Probation in 2016.

- Dare County Man acquitted of a Felony False Bomb Threat

- During the Jury Trial proceeding, Pasquotank native was acquitted by order of the Dare County Superior Court Judge in March of 2016.
-Pasquotank Native man's Misdemeanor Assault on a Female charges dismissed without leave by the Assistant District Attorney.
-Perquimans Teenager Misdemeanor Assault charges dismissed by the Assistant District Attorney after successfully completing the Deferred Judgment Probation.
Pasquotank man's Possession of Cocaine charged dismissed pursuant to a deferred prosecution.
Virginia native man's Impaired Driving while License revoked dismissed by the Assistant District Attorney.
Perqiumans native woman's Reckless Driving charged dismissed by the Assistant District Attorney.
Perquimans man's Driving while Impaired charged dismissed by the Assistant District Attorney.

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